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MFOA Pet Food Giveaway at Audubon Pointe

On Tuesday night, in the center of Maumelle, hearts were warmed, tails were wagging, and purring filled the air. The Maumelle Friends of the Animals (MFOA) hosted a pet food give-away event that not only provided food to apartment residents’ animals but also created a sense of joy and friendship within the community.

Community Spirit in Action: Audubon Pointe apartments provides affordable housing for those 62 years and older and individuals living with disabilities. The event, held in one of Audubon Pointe's common areas, was a testament to the power of community spirit. MFOA volunteers, fueled by the generosity of local Maumellian donors, organized an evening filled with camaraderie, sharing, and laughter. The primary focus was providing free pet food, but the evening ended up being more than just that. 

Generous Donations: A remarkable 140 lbs of cat food, 145 lbs of dog food, and 40 lbs of gourmet dog treats were distributed during the event.The success of the event was made possible by the generous cash donations from Maumellians and two charity-minded local businesses.  Thank you to Claudia’s Canine Wholesale Bakery for donating dog treats and to Thomas Lipsmeyer of Maumelle Coldwell Banker for donating pet food. 

Everyone who attended the food-give-away event left with at least one food bag in hand. Some residents, who were unable to attend,  even received hand-delivered food at their doorstep.

Unforgettable Attendees: The event was not just about distributing pet food; it was a celebration of the bonds between humans and their furry friends. Residents of Audubon Pointe apartments, along with their pets, brought an infectious sense of friendliness and gratitude. The MFOA volunteers, in turn, made new friends and shared heartwarming moments with the attendees. Strollers and backpacks became makeshift transports for some furry companions. We even got to serve some pets on duty (service animals).  This event is a favorite for a reason.

Cameo Appearance by a rock star: Adding an unexpected yet delightful touch to the event, a bearded dragon, named Izzy, made a cameo appearance. The reptilian visitor, with its unique charm, became an instant hit with the attendees. Perhaps enjoying the positive energy and warmth radiating from the gathering, this new friend seemed to be in good spirits, despite none of the food or treats being intended for him!

Door Prizes: To further enhance the community spirit, twelve lucky winners walked away with nostalgic Maumelle Monopoly board games, adding a touch of excitement to an already joyful occasion.

Looking Towards the Future: As the event concluded, the sense of community lingered in the air. The success of this initiative has set the stage for this annual tradition. MFOA hopes to expand the reach of this heartwarming event in the coming years, reaching even more Audubon Pointe residents and their beloved pets.

CommUNITY: The Maumelle Friends of the Animals' charitable event at Audubon Pointe apartments was a beautiful example of a community coming together to support one another. Beyond the distribution of pet food, it created connections, forged friendships, and left lasting memories. In the heart of Maumelle, compassion and generosity continue to thrive, making the world a better place for both humans and their furry companions.

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