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Personalized Fire Hydrant

Have you seen the cute fire hydrants around town that look like Dalmatians? 

Well, for a $50 donation, one of our volunteers will custom paint a hydrant of your choosing* with high quality paint that lasts. For the following three years, you will get to enjoy seeing your personalized hydrant. And after that three-year period, you will get first rights of refusal on having the hydrant repainted.

  * If the hydrant you want to commission is already painted like a Dalmatian, we will need to confirm the previous commission has expired and provide the family first rights of refusal on renewing the commission.

This is a wonderful way to memorialize a pet you've lost or celebrate one you currently have.


Use the Online Order Form below


Click here, to print and mail a hardcopy form with your $50 check, to


PO Box 13392

Maumelle, AR 72113

Please refer to the following options (eyelashes can be added for a more

feminine look) for a "face style" choice on the order forms:

Examples with eyelashes for a feminine look:

Online Order Form
Sex of Pet
Is this a renewal ?

Thank you for submitting!

Online Order Form
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