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Unleashed Chaos: Addressing the Issue of Loose Pets in Our Community

As we walk the numerous trails in our neighborhoods and enjoy the beauty of our pretty city, it's heartwarming to see pet owners enjoying quality time with their furry companions; however, when pets roam freely without supervision, it can lead to numerous issues that affect not only the pet's safety but also the harmony of our community. In this blog post, we will delve into the problem of loose pets in our city and explore some practical solutions to tackle this issue.

The Problem of Loose Pets: A Growing Concern

The sight of a loose pet can be heart-wrenching, not only for the owners but for concerned residents as well. Some of the primary problems associated with loose pets include:

1. Safety Hazards: Unleashed pets can pose a threat to themselves and others. They may dart into busy streets, causing potential accidents or injuries to themselves and motorists. Loose dogs can also exhibit territorial or aggressive behavior, leading to confrontations with other pets or people.

2. Environmental Impact: Loose pets can damage property, gardens, and wildlife habitats. They may dig up gardens, chase birds and small animals, and disrupt the local ecosystem.

3. Public Health Concerns: Unattended pet waste can be unsightly and lead to the spread of diseases. Additionally, loose animals may not be vaccinated, increasing the risk of potential disease transmission. Also, unaltered pets that roam can further exacerbate stray animal overpopulation.

Solutions to Address the Issue

1. Educate yourself about the law: Our city has an animal ordinance, that includes a leash law for pets that aren’t confined within a securely fenced yard. All pets must be registered with Maumelle Animal Services. Discounted registration fees apply for microchipped and altered animals.

2. Microchipping and identification: All pet owners should microchip their animals. Your veterinarian can insert a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, under your pet's skin. This chip contains a unique identification number that links to your contact information in a database. In case your pet goes missing and is found by someone or taken to an animal shelter or veterinary office, a simple scan of the microchip can quickly reunite you with your furry friend. Microchipping is safe, painless, and relatively inexpensive. A microchip ensures that if a pet does become lost, they can be easily reunited with their owners.

Various local animal supply retailers sell round medallion ID tags that store employees can customize on site in a matter of minutes. In addition, embroidered collars can be made with your contact information directly stitched onto the fabric, ensuring it remains visible and legible at all times. This additional layer of identification significantly increases the chances of someone finding your lost pet and getting in touch with you promptly. Remember to include your phone number to assist anyone who finds your beloved companion.

3. Spay/Neuter Programs: Did you know that unaltered animals are more likely to wander from home and exhibit aggressive behavior? If you are having a hard time affording this procedure, seek financial assistance from one of the many local voucher or discount programs that serve our area.

4. Maumelle Animal Services (MAS): In the unfortunate event that you spot a loose pet in your neighborhood, it's essential to act responsibly and help reunite the animal with its owner. Maumelle Animal Services should be your first point of contact. They are experienced in handling lost and found pets and will take the necessary steps to ensure the furry wanderer's well-being. If possible, gently approach the pet with caution, especially if they appear scared or anxious, and try to keep them in a safe area until help arrives.

Conversely, if YOUR pet goes missing, MAS should also be one of your first point of contact.

5. Pet-Friendly Spaces: Does your dog need a place to run free and make new friends? The Pat Dodson Dog Park in front of Maumelle Animal Services is a pet-friendly area that provides a safe space for dogs to exercise and socialize.

6. Secure Fences for Peace of Mind: Many pet owners in Maumelle use fences to secure their yards, providing a sense of freedom for their pets while ensuring their safety. It's crucial to regularly inspect and maintain your fence to prevent any potential escape routes. Check for gaps, loose boards, or areas where a determined pet could dig under or climb over. Securing your fence not only keeps your pet from wandering off but also helps protect them from potential hazards outside your property.

Loose pets are not only a concern for the owners but for the entire community. Wandering animals present safety hazards, impact the environment, and jeopardize public health. Educating oneself, identifying your pet, spay/neutering your pet, partnering with MAS, seeking out pet-friendly spaces, and securing your fence are among a few of the preventative measures that ordinary citizens can take. Together, we can create a safer community for both humans and our beloved animal companions. Let's strive for a Maumelle where no pet feels lost or alone!

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