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Spotlight on a Long-Time Local Cat Foster: Frisky's Story

Hello! My name is Frisky. I am a tabby cat with an unusual story. Ever since I can remember, I have had trouble walking and my head tilts to one side. But to me, I am just a normal cat. I was brought up by a wonderful lady who loved cats. She loved exactly 28 cats at the same time, but she got sick - really sick - and someone told a lady, named Barb Spahr, that we needed help.

Not only did Ms. Barb help find homes for most of my cat family, even though many of us were sick, she also took us to the doctor, gave us medicine, got us “fixed”, and found us homes. She took our mom to the doctor and chemo appointments and went to the grocery store for mom. She became a friend and part of our family.

Then one day last summer, mom fell to the floor. Only a few of us cats were still in the house. I sat beside her until Ms. Barb came the next day. She couldn't get in, so she called for help. I was not afraid. I didn't care that there were a gazillion strangers in the house. I sat very quietly by my mom's head and let the rescue people help. Miss Barb was there, and she helped us.

My mom did not come back from the hospital, so Ms. Barb took me home, along with the remaining cats. Some of them were sick, so Ms. Barb got them help and found some of them homes. A few of us, including me and Rascal (who also happens to be a tabby)  are still with Miss Barb. Rascal’s eye got sick, so the doctor had to remove it. I think he looks quite dashing - sort of like a pirate cat. He and I are looking forward to having furr-ever homes. Lots of people adopt adorable kittens. (Even we older cats like babies.) But we older cats are wiser, less destructive - or so we promise,  and are likely to enhance any family's home.

Ms. Barb seems to be drawn to older cats who might be deemed unadoptable because of medical problems, are very shy (that she helps to socialize), and just about any cat that needs a home. If you go to PetSense, on Crystal Hill road, she shows older kitties that you can adopt. The adoption forms are right there on each kennel. And, if you want to adopt me (Frisky), or my friend Rascal (the pirate), her name and telephone number are listed on the kennels.

Keep loving your felines! 


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